Episode 40


Published on: 8th February, 2022

Join Tracey, Chris & Heather in their first RAD "Real Talk" podcast episode. Once a month, we'll get together for some casual conversation. 3 RAD moms discussing different topics that most RAD parents experience.

This episode is a bit of everything because we didn't pick a specific topic and just dove right in.

So grab a cuppa, get comfortable, and come hang out with us for an hour or so!

We'd love to hear your ideas! Have a topic you'd like us to discuss?

Email us at: talkwithtracey@gmail.com

And feel free to join in the conversation! Add your thoughts and comments on our Facebook and Instagram pages:

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Who are we?

Tracey is a RAD mom, RAD Parent Coach, Podcast Host and Founder of RAD Talk with Tracey.

Chris is a RAD mom, Clinical Social Worker, Hospital Chaplain, Author, and Founder of Full Catastrophe Parenting.

Heather is a RAD mom, RAD Parent Advocate and Chief Operating Officer at RAD Advocates.

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RAD Talk with Tracey
Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD)
Raising a child or children with Reactive Attachment Disorder (“RAD”) is scary, exhausting, and life altering. Join Tracey Poffenroth Prato, an adoptive mom of two children with RAD, as she interviews other RAD parents and experts in the field including adoption. Listen to the very real and raw experiences of these families and access the best resources and support. If you’re a parent or adoptive parent raising a child or children with RAD, a friend or family member of someone who is, an expert or just curious about Reactive Attachment Disorder, this is the podcast for you.

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