Episode 39


Published on: 26th January, 2022

Get ready for another success story! Yep! You heard that right. ANOTHER success story!

I've been lucky enough to meet and interview a few young adults who have come a long way from growing up with Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD). They are incredible "kids" (now young adults) who have overcome so much trauma and hardship.

In this episode, you'll meet Andurina, who is an incredible young woman with her own RAD story to tell. Andurina was adopted from Guatemala along with her older sister. She shares what it was like growing up with RAD and the top 3 things she says helped her heal. Andurina shares a lot of great insight and explained, "I wanted to be loved, I did. But also, if you got too close, I was like, okay, back it up".

Today, Andurina has positive relationships with her mom, dad, siblings, and has strong friendships. She also has a degree in psychology and is prepping for her Masters degree. She shows us that it's possible to overcome RAD and live a happy and healthy life.

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Raising a child or children with Reactive Attachment Disorder (“RAD”) is scary, exhausting, and life altering. Join Tracey Poffenroth Prato, an adoptive mom of two children with RAD, as she interviews other RAD parents and experts in the field including adoption. Listen to the very real and raw experiences of these families and access the best resources and support. If you’re a parent or adoptive parent raising a child or children with RAD, a friend or family member of someone who is, an expert or just curious about Reactive Attachment Disorder, this is the podcast for you.

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