Episode 41


Published on: 22nd February, 2022

RAD in the classroom. Ever wonder what it's like for a teacher? In this episode, my guest, Leslie Brunner, will tell you all about her experiences with it. And she'll be the first to tell you that she never really understood kids with RAD in the classroom until she be became a RAD mom herself. Before that, as a teacher, Leslie says she sensed that something wasn't quite 'right' but didn't have a name for it or any strategies to work with it. This is still the case in many classrooms today. Her only option was to use the same strategies she used with other kids in her classroom as a special education teacher. But they didn't work. Leslie has come a long way since then and shares her wisdom, insight, and suggestions for other educators and families to help you work with these kiddos in the classroom/school setting.

Take Aways from this episode:

-Teachers and parents need to start with awareness

-Communicate together

-Being trauma informed isn't the same as teaching children with trauma

-Recognize that the brain of a child with RAD is changed/rewired

-Don't get caught up or focus too much on the details of your student's trauma

-The job of the teacher is to help the child attach to their family

Services Mentioned in this Episode:

RAD Advocates www.radadvocates.org

RAD Talk Support Groups www.radtalkwithtracey.com/support

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