Episode 29


Published on: 3rd August, 2021

What RAD parent doesn't experience some sort of fear? What RAD parent doesn't worry? I bet you can't name one RAD parent who isn't currently living this or who hasn't lived it.

In this episode of RAD Talk With Tracey, I talk about fear from a perspective that you probably haven't heard before. I hadn't. And wow, does it ever fit with RAD parent life!

I also pass along 5 practical exercises to help you better understand your fears and start worrying less.

I'm always on the lookout for meaningful ways to help YOU, my fellow RAD parents, including me!

I'd love to hear your thoughts after you listen to this episode. What does fear look like for you? How deep in it are you? How will you implement these coping strategies to make them work for you? Post your responses on the RAD Talk With Tracey Facebook page, Instagram, or email me at talkwithtracey@gmail.com.

And remember, just keep swimming.

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