Episode 12


Published on: 9th March, 2021

**Warning: This episode contains discussion of sexual abuse.

Veronika Kramer is not your typical RAD mom. Her RAD child is her biological child. Veronika openly shares about her own experience being born in a prison, growing up with an abusive father, her own trauma and bouncing between homes in her early teens. Veronica was also a teen mom and her daughter was conceived from a sexual assault. She raised her daughter alone and has had to navigate the world of RAD in a very different way than most.

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RAD Talk with Tracey
Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD)
Raising a child or children with Reactive Attachment Disorder (“RAD”) is scary, exhausting, and life altering. Join Tracey Poffenroth Prato, an adoptive mom of two children with RAD, as she interviews other RAD parents and experts in the field including adoption. Listen to the very real and raw experiences of these families and access the best resources and support. If you’re a parent or adoptive parent raising a child or children with RAD, a friend or family member of someone who is, an expert or just curious about Reactive Attachment Disorder, this is the podcast for you.

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